Feeling replaced and disgraced.

If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy?

You will never like me. Let’s face it.

I can’t stop hoping now. I’ve come this far, why should I give up now?
If I’m able to handle losing you, then I think I’ll be able to handle losing you the second time.

I’m strong. I have faith. I have hope. I wish for everyone to be happy and be appreciative about their lives.

I cannot stress myself enough that I’ll always like you.
I wish I could confront you and tell you how I feel, especially while we were together.
It just doesn’t seem right and I feel like I should do something about it, to get you to come to your senses about what you’ve done wrong.

I tell myself every time that I would move on. But there’s just something about you that keeps holding me back.
I feel like an option to you and it hurts so much.
I feel like I mean nothing to you.

It honestly hurts a lot that you bring up her name around me, but all I can do now is pretend that I don’t care for the sake of your happiness.

What if everything you’ve said to me was a tragic lie?
Why should I stick around being friends with someone who lies to me? Just to make me feel better.. Honestly, it won’t make me feel better either way.
I don’t want to be the last option you have when you have no one else to talk to or need help from. I honestly hate that you’ve changed from good to bad.
You don’t need me as a friend because you have others. You’ll leave sooner or later anyways like the rest of the people who ever broke my heart or left me hanging.

What are your intentions?
Stop playing these emotions on me.
I feel as if you only talk to me just to use me..
I’m trying to move on because it seems like you did already, but I only feel more attached.
My friends were right as I see it.
Every time I say goodbye to you, you don’t say it back.
But this is what happens when I care too much about you.
Because that’s what “friends” are for right…?